A unifying momentum

In addition to its commitments in motor sport and offshore racing with the maxi trimaran, IDEC SPORT is also present in the collective sport.

The IDEC Group has come to understand the value of sports sponsorship over the past fifteen years. Firstly, because it represents an excellent way to communicate to the outside world, but also because these partnerships with sportsmen are a key element inside the firm. All of those working for the IDEC Group come together around the values the company expresses on the ground: commitment, determination, simplicity, respect, humility.

Today, IDEC SPORT is alongside Francis Joyon – the fastest round the world solo sailor. But there is also the IDEC SPORT Racing Team which has achieved a long list of successes in its first year with good results in the various car racing championships, and in particular in the 24-Hour Series.
In the world of football, the IDEC Group is a partner to Stade Malherbe – Caen.
And in rugby, the IDEC Group partners the Aviron Bayonnais.

Sport, whether individual or team sports, has always been an excellent way for teh IDEC Group to bring people together, men and women, small and big businesses. Just as we have seen with their historic partnership with Francis Joyon, these partnerships highlight the Group’s values. For the IDEC Group, sponsoring sports is also a way to break down social boundaries. A way to share emotions without expecting anything in return and to make possible what at first glance may seem impossible. “When you sign up to a sporting challenge, in theory you shouldn’t count on anything,” explained Patrice Lafargue, “but what can happen afterwards, as we have seen for example with Francis Joyon, can offer sheer pleasure.”

Such as that moment when Francis Joyon shattered the non-stop solo round the world record completing the voyage in 57 days and 13 hours… or other achievements that lie ahead. Maybe a record with crew this time?

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