IDEC Group
Global concept

“Any client looking for a building project, should find the solution he is looking for in the IDEC Group”

That is Patrice Lafargue’s desire
(President of the IDEC Group)

The IDEC Group offers its clients an integrated and rationalised solution. This overall concept, where the project is managed from A to Z, takes into account all the problems you find in an investment project. Quality, rapid response and a hands-on approach, with the full involvement of all the teams, respecting the wishes of the client.

The IDEC Group is a promoter, builder and investor. The twelve companies that it comprises are divided up into three complementary units: “Development,” “Engineering”, and “Investment”. From the initial launch of a project up to the guarantee after its delivery, the subsidiaries deal with all the specialities of the construction sector. Depending on the needs of the client, one or more companies in the Group become involved and work as complementary units. Their know-how is brought together, united and coordinated to suit the client’s requirements. The goal is to find personalised solutions and to ensure the wise use of the investment whether it is in the area of large and medium sized surfaces, residential or business premises, within a certifiable environmental context.

Each unit within the IDEC Group keeps the necessary autonomy to ensure flexibility, performance and efficiency, while guaranteeing the budget and deadlines are respected. But at the same time, the companies in the Group remain on a human level, once again with the goal of satisfying their clients through the design and construction of their buildings. The key principle for the IDEC Group is to offer one contact to manage the whole project that the client can turn to when they want. Since its creation in 2000, the Group has significantly widened the range of services on offer and the number of staff has constantly been growing with almost 230 employees today.

Of all the sponsorship projects that the IDEC Group is involved in, the most significant is the close relationship that the group has with Francis JOYON and the ICM.

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