For the moment, it is the sharp contrast in conditions that strikes us with strong winds then periods of calm once leeward of Sardinia, bright light in the Mistral wind, then rain and dull conditions close to the centre of the low early in the night…
The sun is coming up after an emotional night during which we overtook our rival. Then, we saw him go by again at twenty knots less than a mile from us, while we were stuck. One knot on the speedo. During two round the world voyages, Bernard, who was at the helm never saw anything like that!
We are out on the net in the bow to get the stern up. We’re whistling in the wind, but keep trimming as we need to be very attentive. We’re close to the coast of Sardinia, which is magnificent and impressive. We are really enjoying the sight, as it all seems to be so natural from out here.”

In the rankings at 8.15, after clawing back the miles yesterday evening, the crew is now back in second place stick in light airs 10 miles behind SODEBO.

You can follow the progress of the boat here

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