At around 1600 UTC, the maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT moored up in Brest, the starting port for the Jules Verne Trophy. On 20th November, Francis Joyon and his crew of five set sail to tackle the round the world record. After a promising start, they were slowed down as they approached the Equator. Seeing precious hours lost in the Doldrums, they decided to turn back and to return as quickly as possible to set off again at the earliest opportunity.

Today (Saturday) less than a week after heading north, Francis, Bernard, Alex, Clément, Boris and Gwénolé brought the red and grey trimaran back 24 hours earlier than they had expected. The crew of IDEC SPORT were able to take advantage of strong winds associated with an area of low pressure, sailing 745 miles in 24 hours averaging 31 knots as they made their way back across the Bay of Biscay. They hope to set off again as soon as a weather opportunity arises to tackle the Jules Verne Trophy.

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