Three days before a possible start to attempt to smash the Jules Verne Trophy record time, Francis Joyon has confirmed amber mode is ongoing for the crew of the IDEC SPORT trimaran, which includes Bernard Stamm (SUI), Gwénolé Gahinet (FRA), Alex Pella (ESP), Clément Surtel (FRA) and Boris Herrmann (GER). With his router, Marcel Van Triest, Joyon is still talking about a possible weather opportunity on Saturday.

While they await the go ahead, the crew is busy in Brest and ready to cast off to head for the start line, as soon as the conditions are considered to be right.

So, we are looking at Saturday for a possible start. If the weather opportunity presents itself, of course.

Reminder of the goal: to do better than the current record of 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds. In other words, they are going to have to sail around the world averaging 20 knots.

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